About Kelsey Ale

Sassy Gal in SoCal. Certified Nutritional Therapist, Wellness Coach, Recipe Developer,
Author of ‘Paleo Sweets’ cookbook, Spa Lover, Fitness Fan, Nature Seeker.

Why I Do This

One of the things I love most is watching the joy and energy return to someone as they naturally heal their body and discover vibrant health. I’ve found that when a person uncovers that vibrant health within themselves, when they feel fit and confident in their body, they engage with the world in a different way that lights up their life and the lives of those around them.

Nutrition is the most inexpensive, easiest way to transform your health so you can live a happy, vibrant life.

I work with women who want real answers and personalized solutions to their nutrition and health needs. They’ve been to doctors, they’ve read the blogs, and they’ve tried the cleanses – and they’re done chasing dead ends when it comes to their health. I work with women who appreciate their bodies and are ready to invest in real results.

The women I work with want to be guided by someone who has healed her own body and knows what it takes, so they can rest assured they’ll finally experience vibrant health for themselves. They’re ready to be lead by the hand through a custom healing protocol that addresses the underlying cause of their symptoms so they can get rid of those symptoms for GOOD! And I have every confidence in the world that transformation is possible for you, too.

When we work together one-on-one you’ll feel seen and taken care of from the beginning. You’re not just another number or another face in the office – you’re a real person who I can’t wait to connect with!

How I healed through food and why I’m Paleo.

I became a vegetarian at the age of 14 because a.) I thought it was cool to rebel against my parents, and b.) I had a really hard time when I learned about how conventional meat is “produced”. As I got older I became more set in my beliefs that vegetarianism was the true path to health, and that all you had to do to transcend illness was to cut meat (and eventually all animal products) out of your diet, and you would become a shining example of wellness.

I was pretty convincing in my arguments with this, except for one glaring objection: I was really, really sick.

My journey to healing was probably a lot like yours – years of unanswered questions, dead ends, and ineffective treatments that required much sacrifice from me yet yielded minimal results. Doctors couldn’t answer my questions, tests came back showing “nothing was wrong”, and yet I continued to suffer.

When I finally took my health into my own hands and discovered a healing solution that worked for me, things started to change. The biggest shift happened when I decided to add meat back into my diet – it felt like someone had turned on a power switch inside me that I didn’t know had been off for more than a decade (probably longer). At this point I had a major realization:

Your body doesn’t care what you believe is healthy – there are certain nutrient needs that absolutely must be met in order for you to achieve vibrant health.

When that light bulb went on it was like the blinders had been lifted from my eyes and I could finally see the light – and it showed me a clear path to healing.

I dove headfirst into learning about the science of nutrition, critically weeding out fad diets and “dietary philosophies” that were based on opinion and not fact, and I began using myself as a guinea pig for the protocols that seemed to make sense. Finding the Paleo diet was a process of trial and error, testing each variable and finding that the closer I got to primal the better I felt.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that the Paleo diet is exactly right for YOU. But with the tools we use in our work together we can uncover exactly what nutrition plan is right for your body so you, too, can discover your path to vibrant health!

Remember, healing is a journey, but you have to be on the right path in order to experience truly vibrant health.

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I moved to Santa Monica for 3 months and then stayed 10 years!

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I danced classical ballet for 9 years